• Schematic maps

    The key to every successful transit system is a well designed system map. Our effective state-of-the-art design and visual patterns is opening doors to your transit system for everyone.
  • Website

    Better maps and trip planning will increase awareness and utilization of public transportation. We provide an integrable routing service on your institution’s website to increase the success of your transport network.
  • Mobile app

    People want to use their phones everywhere to know how to get quickly from A to B. We prepare your data for integration into existing mobile applications or we develop one for your city.
  • Analysis

    Improve your transit network by intelligent analysis. Based on your data we can advise you with fact-based suggestions to enable you to make smart decisions.


We are a socially conscious and innovative start-up formed from the successful Managua public transit mapping project. The project created the first public transportation map in Central America (print, online, mobile) of a network serving 2 million people.

With a global team we provide the best solutions and experiences from Berlin, New York and Central America.

In order to be extremely competitive in price and deliver excellent quality, we build on OpenStreetMap, a global repository, community, and ecosystem that supports data collection and tools. This successful model ensures sustainability, reuse and innovation in variety of urban contexts.

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